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CloudWyrks Fiber Internet

Currently serving the La Jolla area with more locations to come. We provide a fast, realiable, and affordable Internet solution for small business. Our goal is to save you time and money by offering a superior product and knowledgeable support.

Why Fiber?

Fiber optic offers many advantages over conventional copper cable lines. It is able to transmit data much faster over greater distances and because the cable is smaller in diameter and weighs less, it makes an ideal alternative for a wide variety of cabling solutions. Since the conductor is glass and cannot generate electricity, fiber is immune to all sorts of interference. This means that it can come in direct contact with high-voltage electrical equipment, power lines and lightning, all while still putting out a superior performance.


CloudBreak offers fiber internet at prices small businesses can afford.  Speeds up to 100mbps bidirectional. 

(Higher speeds can be made available upon request)


HomeWyrks has partnered with ISPs and Data Centers in San Diego to make sure that our customers have affordable access to reliable and fast internet connections. We take advantage of an existing fiber infrastructure in order to deliver you the best possible connection for the price. 

Faster Downlaod/Upload Speeds

With bidirectional speeds of up to 100 mbps, (Faster upon request) you and your employees will save a lot of time. Faster upload speeds also mean that large documents, and especially those that are urgent, will be sent at a much quicker rate. 

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